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Real Estate Investor Services

Real Estate Investor Services

Acquisition and Divestitures

Is it time to buy? To sell? To hunker down and hope for the best? We provide the ability to understand where values are going and how to best time and implement your buy/sell decisions. Whether you are considering the sale or acquisition of a single asset or a large portfolio, our principals use their financial and real estate acumen to achieve best results. On the real estate acquisition side, we represent buyers of all sizes and sophistications. Our real estate investment services span the industry from large office film studios and biotechnology facilities to distribution buildings and hotels. Whether you are an institutional owner, private investor, corporation, or joint venture partner, we deliver value.

Asset Management

Our rigorous commercial asset management strategies help real estate owners reduce their operating costs and enhance property values - all the while maintaining a superior environment for tenants. Our expertise in tenant satisfaction and retention helps you maintain cash flow and value for the long term.


LesMark has earned a considerable reputation for its development consulting services. These services evolved due to the ongoing need of our development clients, particularly large real estate owners, to determine the highest and best use for their properties and to optimize the overall development scheme. Because of the extensive resources required, our development consulting services are only offered on a limited basis.

Capital Markets

Similar to the services we provide to investment sellers or buyers, we provide expertise in the financing of real estate. In the case of buildings to-be-built, this includes: financing the land acquisition, the interim or swing loan, the construction loan and the permanent financing.

Consulting Services

While commission based brokerage remains the backbone of our firm, at LesMark we are increasingly asked to perform various consulting services. These consulting assignments include: assisting institutional landlords in developing marketing programs for their owned and operated properties, assisting foreign owners in developing acquisition strategies, and assisting corporations in nationwide real estate consolidation. We have consulted with landlords in the structuring of lease/equity transactions with major tenants. We have even assisted other brokerage firms in structuring very complex real estate transactions. Whenever an opportunity presents itself that is more challenging than an ordinary brokerage assignment, our principals are available to assist in that effort.